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Factors to Consider When Renting Scaffolding: Cost, Durability, and Accessibility

If you are set to oversee a construction project that demands scaffolding, it might not be long before you decide whether to buy or rent it. If the job is a short-term one and your budget and storage space are both relatively small, the scaffold hire route could be the only viable one for you.

However, you should still tread carefully if you do go down that route, as scaffold hire companies can differ markedly in the quality of what they offer. Here are some factors to weigh up as you endeavour to discern how and where to rent scaffolding suitable for your specific needs.


When you reach out to a scaffold hire company, they should be transparent with you about their pricing structure. After all, you want accurate, reliable information at close hand so that you can discern whether you are genuinely being presented with the best deal.

This is why we at King Kong Scaffold offer free quotes. While exactly how much you have to spend on renting scaffolding can very much depend on how much of it you need and for how long, you should remember that, in comparison, buying scaffolding would entail costs of storing and maintaining it as well.

Equipment Quality 

Obviously, you wouldn’t be impressed if scaffolding you rented turned out to be physically weak or fall apart easily. There’s even the risk of subpar scaffolding coming with relatively limited scope for customisation. The key to getting quality scaffolding is renting from a quality company.

We can assemble safe and solid scaffolding for various projects — of the residential or light commercial type — anywhere in New Zealand’s Wellington Region. We also adhere to all safety regulations and industry codes of practice applicable to our work.


From the start of your relationship with us, we can help you to plan and design the scaffolding solution you will eventually utilise. This situation would enable you to make sure this scaffolding accommodates particular accessibility options you know you will need.

Would your project call for tower scaffolding, roof protection or just standard scaffolding? If you are uncertain, we can advise you on which of them would best meet your accessibility requirements.

Are you seeking to have scaffolding assembled at a site in Petone, Porirua or any other part of the Wellington Region? In phoning 0508 5464 5664 or emailing, you can find out more about scaffold hire services we are able to provide in these geographic areas.