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Benefits of Scaffolding Wrap: Enhancing Safety

On a construction site, scaffolding Petone can be crucial for ensuring that builders can routinely carry out their work safely. However, in the past, scaffolding has often been unsightly due to being concealed by a little more than netting.

Fortunately, these days, there’s a much better alternative type of protection: scaffolding wrap in the form of shrink wrapping. Here are several benefits it could bring to your construction site…

Enhanced Aesthetics 

It’s an issue we have already touched upon, but the wrap can indeed make the building site more visually pleasing to passers-by. 

It certainly helps that shrink wrap can be moulded to fit ‘just right’ on scaffolding of any shape. Many contractors who work with you on the construction project can come to appreciate the professional image you aim to convey with this covering in position.

Safety and Security 

Onsite builders could generate a lot of dust and debris as they work — but none of this needs to escape past the perimeters of the scaffolding when the wrap is draped entirely over it.

Then there is the security aspect. A potential criminal who spots scaffolding is less likely to try sneaking past it if it is covered with shrink wrap since this added layer prevents them from even clapping eyes on — let alone stealing — materials and tools left on the construction site.

Weather Protection

The shrink wrap we offer is fully weatherproof and when wrapped around the scaffolding, it can enable builders to continue working on the project even during periods of treacherous weather.

So, heavy rain and fast winds can cause little inconvenience other than some extra background noise, while the wrap can also prevent excessive sunlight from leaving staff with blistered skin.

It wouldn’t be convenient for you to have to keep stopping and starting contractors’ progress just because the weather is unpredictable and temperamental — but, thanks to wrap, you don’t have to.

It’s easy to find both scaffolding and wrap for any construction project you are set to start in the Wellington Region. Feel free to contact King Kong Scaffold team by phone on 0508 5464 5664 or 027 748 3723 or email via