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The Benefits Of Using Scaffolding Wrap

Scaffolding Wrap

Have been debating whether or not to use scaffolding wrap for your next construction project? Yes, it can be an additional upfront cost, but before coming to a conclusion, you should consider all the benefits that you could be experiencing by using scaffolding wrap.

Let’s have a look at some of the potential advantages.

Work In All Weather Conditions

Investing in scaffolding wrap, you can actually increase your profit margins as you’ll be able to work in all weather conditions. Your team can continue work and stay dry. The wrap also acts as a wind barrier when there are strong winds.


Scaffolding wrap is a very versatile material. It can accommodate any size or shape of scaffolding as it moulds to any shape.

Environmentally Friendly

Many construction companies in New Zealand want to do their best in reducing their waste and their eco-footprint in general. Scaffolding wrap is completely recyclable, allowing you a clear conscience.

Fire Resistant

If safety is important to you, as it should be, you’ll be happy to hear that scaffolding wrap has impressive fire-resistant qualities, creating a safer workspace. 

Prevent Too Much Sun Exposure

Construction can be hot and bothering, but the good news is that scaffolding wrap is UV-resistant and protects your team from too much sun exposure. This gives them a more comfortable and more private working environment.

Dust Reduction

There is a lot of dust that falls from construction sites that can be annoying for surrounding business owners and homeowners. The scaffolding wrap prevents dust from blowing around too much and even acts as a bit of a noise buffer to help keep your neighbours happy.

Better Security

Scaffolding wrap also acts as a bit of a barrier between your construction site and the outside world. Expensive tools and machinery are hidden from view, so there is less of a likelihood for opportunistic criminals to take the risk.

More Professional Look

Wrapped scaffolding definitely has a more professional and appealing look than bare scaffolding does. It is better PR and branding for your company, and it shows that you care about your image as well as the comfort of your team’s working conditions.

Here at King Kong Scaffolding, we are your #1 choice supplier of scaffolding wrap in Wellington. We also offer a wide range of other scaffolding-related services, including erection, maintenance and dismantling. Contact us today.