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The Top Uses For Scaffolding Outside Of Construction

Construction sites

When most people think of scaffolding, they automatically think of construction sites. And who could blame them? Scaffolding is present on almost every construction or renovation site, providing a steel frame around soon-to-be-finished buildings. But the thing is, because of scaffolding's durability and innovative design, it does have a wide variety of other uses. We simply don’t talk about them all that often, as scaffolding’s most popular use does lie in construction.

Outside of construction, the uses of scaffolding fall into three main categories. As Porirua scaffolding experts, we will share these with you.


The art industry is an industry that uses scaffolding more than you would think. When you see art hung high up on a gallery wall, how do you think it got there? A ladder would definitely not offer enough stability, but scaffolding does! Mobile scaffolding platforms are often used to hang art and put up and take down exhibitions.

At times, scaffolding can often become part of the art itself, as would be the case for many large sculptures as well as outdoor installations. The world of art has definitely benefited from scaffolding!


Scaffolding plays an integral role in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to live concerts and outdoor festivals. Scaffolding helps teams set up sound, lighting, banners, stages and more. It can also be used to cordon off certain areas and create designated zones within a large space. Some venues may own their own scaffolding, but entertainment companies often rent scaffolding for the duration of the event.

Scaffolding is often also used to create special ‘towers’ from which the event is filmed. This ensures a safe and reliable platform for the videographer and restricts the personnel who can access this area.


The decor industry has also greatly benefited from modern scaffolding solutions in numerous ways! Some examples include:

  • Hanging Christmas lights and erecting Christmas trees and decorations in malls and other large, public spaces.
  • Painting or wallpapering walls in large residential properties, commercial spaces, etc.
  • Setting up Halloween, Valentine’s and other festive decorations in large spaces.

In conclusion, scaffolding offers a lot more stability than ladders and it is relatively affordable, making it well worth it to rent.

Are you looking for trustworthy scaffolding solutions in Porirua? Get in touch with the experienced team at King King Scaffold today. We’d love to meet all of your scaffolding needs!